1500 4th Ave SE | Austin, MN 55912 Sunday: Morning Worship 10:30 AM | Wednesdays Sept-April: MidWeek 6:00 PM

Who We Are

Bethlehem Church is part of the Free Methodist Church. Our desire is to provide a safe environment for people to discover the transforming love of God and connect with Christians who are faithfully following Jesus Christ.

We are A Christian Community That Glorifies God.

Our Values


  • Worship is how we honor, thank, and praise our Creator. This is why we have made worship a primary part of what happens on Sunday morning. We want our Sunday worship to energize our lives of worship throughout the week.


  • Integrity is living what we say we believe about God. It is our belief that an authentic life of faith is the best evidence for the transforming power of God’s love.


  • Mission is our reason for existence. Not only do we seek to worship God, but we seek to do His work in this world. Jesus Christ commissioned his followers to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. We do this through sharing the Good News of God with people and acting with mercy and kindness to those around us.


  • Community is essential for life. Before sin corrupted our world, the one thing God declared to be not good was loneliness. We seek to create a loving community that provides a safe environment for people to hear and respond to God’s loving call. We also want to be a positive influence in the community of Austin.

Biblical Authority

  • Biblical authority provides the foundation for what we believe and do. At Bethlehem, we believe that the Bible is God’s written word, and that it provides everything that we need to know for living the life God has created each one of us to live.


  • Servanthood it the way to influence the world around us. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did not seek positions of authority, rather he lived a life of a servant, loving and helping those around him. This humble attitude of a servant led him to die for our sins on the cross. Since Jesus is our example, we believe that best way to influence the world is humble ourselves and serve people in need, whoever they may be.

We Believe

  • That the most important thing in the world is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • That the most important privilege of a Christ-follower is to worship God in spirit and in truth.
  • That the greatest force in the world is love.
  • That the Christ-follower is called to a life of positive practical faith.
  • That we should love God more than anything or anyone else.
  • That a Christ-follower should live a life of integrity in order to reflect a Holy God.
  • In the sacredness of marriage and the family.
  • In the dignity and gift of singleness.
  • In the importance of the local church to help, encourage, strengthen, and mature the spiritual life of every person in Christ.
  • In the Bible as the unique Word of God, our moral compass.
  • That all persons are created in the image of God regardless of differences in sex, race, or color.
  • That every Christ-follower should be a positive influence for good in this world.
  • That every Christ-follower should do his/her utmost to make God’s Name glorious in all the earth.